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Flaky Coat?
Try adding 30 mg zinc and a dose of Halo's "Dream Coat" to your dog's food. Zack's coat went from brittle and flaky to shiny and flake-free in just a couple of weeks. He also got acupressure treatments. Of course, this is recommended in addition to a diet of natural kibble or home prepared food.

  According to the American Animal Hospital Association's 1999 "National Pet Owner Survey," 31 percent of companion animal guardians have used some form of complementary medicine on their animals. Compare this to the 1996 survey, in which only 6 percent had tried any alternative therapies.

Other Great Dietary Supplements
Apple Cider Vinegar ~ (Use raw ACV, containing the "mother" - available at health food stores. I've used Braggs and Eden.) ACV is credited with everything from getting rid of fleas to helping strengthen the heart. In general, it's a great immune system builder. I add it to their water each day - one teaspoon per pint. (Do not use a metal bowl!)

Dietary Enzymes ~ Dr Goodpet or Prozyme

Dr. Pitcairn's Healthy Powder ~ recipe

Garlic ~ Dogs up to 50 lbs - 1/4 to 1/2 teaspoon daily
over 50 lbs - as much as two teaspoons daily
Cats can have up up to 1/8 teaspoon a day for up to two weeks at a time

Brewers Yeast ~ for discouraging fleas and adding B complex vitamins

Vitamin C ~
animals under 15 lbs - 250 mg 3x/day
16 - 50 lbs - 500 mg 3x/day
51 - up - 1000 mg 3x/day
or to bowel tolerance
A wonderful immune system builder, and a very effective treatment for hip dysplasia.

Hot Spots? Use black tea. Just saturate the bags with warm water and hold to the affected area. Try it twice a day for three or four days, and the hot spots will disappear. (Tea bags are also good to relieve the pain and itch of insect bites.)

Heartworm Prevention
Ideas to discuss with your vet:
Using conventional treatment every 45 days instead of once a month
Using heartworm nosodes
Practicing mosquito prevention
Testing every six months

Heartworm Treatment
It is commonly accepted by natural health practitioners that the natural treatment for heartworms is extremely safe and effective. For an article about one dog's successful experience with this treatment, read the Whole Dog Journal August 2002 issue.

The Pet Parasite Cleanse - A recipe for a natural worming treatment you can make yourself.

Black Walnut and Wormwood Formula from Native Essence Herb Company

Azmira Wormers and Natural Supplements

Check back soon for information on massage and acupressure!

Herbal Preparations
Tincture ~ alcohol based
Infusion ~ water based

Emotional Freedom Techniques
What is EFT?
EFT is a Meridian Therapy, an energy based treatment based on the principals of acupressure. Unlike acupressure, in EFT you touch or tap very lightly on the major body meridian points, sending soothing pulses to balance and clear energy blockages. Also unlike acupressure, intention and focus are important aspects of the treatment. EFT was developed by Gary Craig, and is a very user friendly version of the Callahan Techniques.

EFT is great for: training, house breaking, health issues, behavorial issues, abuse situations, pain, fears, allergies - try it for everything!

To learn more about EFT.

Specific EFT Techniques
Thunderstorm Phobia
Use an opening statement such as "Even though (this animal) has a fear or thunderstorms, I deeply love and accept her."

Generally it is recommended that tapping be done by proxy on the human, but this particular technique has been adapted for use directly on the animal.

1. Between the eye and the base of the ear, about 1/3 of the way from the eye.
2. On the sternum (collarbone)
3. Behind the shoulder joint on the angle where the shoulder blade and the upper "arm" join.
4. The under-arm equivalent.
5. In the middle of the loin
6. Either side of the spine just above the root of the tail.

Repeat your opening statement 3 times and allow the dog to breathe in and out once between statements.

DNA/Vaccine Damage
Excellent for hot spots, neurological problems, allergies, immune related dis-ease, and many other conditions brought about by vaccine damage.

1. Cup hands over the crown chakra and say with intent: "I now open the genetic code."
2. Rub your sore spot (just left of the collar bone notch) and say: "Even though (animal's name) has RNA/DNA damage, I deeply and completely love and accept him/her." Say this three times.
3. Tap yourself a the following points while resting your attention on the animal: beginning of the eyebrow, side of eye, under eye, under nose, chin, collarbone point, under arm, side of thumb, karate chop point. Say at each point: "I replace old cells with new healthy, cells. I replace old genetic code with new, healthy genetic code."
4. Cup hands over crown chakra and say: "I now close the genetic code."

New to Natural Health?
Need a Good Starting Point?* Here are Some Natural Remedies
You Shouldn't be Without

* in addition to a natural, healthy diet,
of course!

Though most homeopathic remedies are extremely specific, these remedies work for generalized conditions and can be used like over the counter medications. In this dilution, the remedies are extremely safe. If you've chosen the wrong remedy, there will be no reaction. If you've chosen the correct remedy, results will be immediate (for an acute condition). For example, for a dog with a puncture wound to his foot, I rinsed with saline, gave a dose of Rescue Remedy followed by hypericum and aconitum. The pup had been crying and licking the wound in obvious discomfort, but after the remedies, walked over to his bed and went immediately to sleep. He woke up a short time later showing no indication of pain, and with normal wound care and the application of Calendula cream, the wound healed quickly.
Dosages are 30c, once every 10 minutes for acute and twice a day for chronic conditions. Use until symptoms subside.
Aconitum ~ for conditions of sudden onset, also for fright. I often use this in combination with other remedies.
Apis ~ for bee/insect stings

Arnica ~ for muscle soreness and bruising, recovery from surgery
Arsenicum ~ for restlessness and anxiousness
Carbo Vegatablis ~ good for tummy upsets
Chamomilla ~ good for teething, has a calming effect on puppies and kittens
Cocculus ~ travel sickness
Gelsemium ~ fear of thunderstorms (also good for humans with fear of public speaking)
Hepar. Sulph. ~ for cat bites, especially those that abscess
Hypericum ~ great for any injuries to the extremities
Ledum ~ for bites. I've used it with good results when our dogs get into scraps, and recently had the opportunity (!) to try it myself after I got a few bad bites from an unhappy border collie (Thanks, Chance). The results were amazing. I was able to go back to work within a half hour.
Nux Vomica ~ for diarrhea, vomiting, constipation
Pulsatilla ~
good for irritations of the eye
hus Tox. ~ arthritis, especially conditions which are worse with rest and improve with movement
Sulfur ~ a great remedy for any skin issues. We've used it for acne (human! The dogs and cats don't seem to break out too much), itchy skin, mild demodex, and hot spots.
Thuja ~ used following vaccinations

Also try:
For diarrhea ~ canned pumpkin

For worms ~ Black Walnut Hulls
Dosage for 250mg capsule
up to 10# - 1/2 capsule three times a week
20-40# - 1 capsule three times a week
41-60 # - 1 1/2 capsules three times a week
60# and over - 2 capsules three times a week

Black Walnut Tincture - this liquid form is often recommended instead of the dried herb

About Black Walnut toxicity - it's not the nut itself that's toxic, it's the fungus that attacks the nut. Animals should not be allowed to eat walnuts that have fallen to the ground!

Note: Many holistic vets do say that conventional wormers are fine, and suggest them for quick treatment.

For Wounds and Irritations ~ Calendula Cream

For Bleeding Nails/Cut Quicks ~ cornstarch

Bach Flower Remedy
Rescue Remedy ~ use a few drops to help calm a frightened animal. Good following injuries, for thunderphobia, boarding, grooming...


See snips tips for more natural health ideas!
And c
heck out our book list for more great resources.


This information is not to be used in place of veterinary advice.









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