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"We can not do great things -- only small things with great love."
~ Mother Theresa



Miss Mandy's story has the happiest ending. This little girl has been at snips for about five years, after being found as an abandoned three month old puppy covered with more ticks and fleas than you could imagine on one so young and sweet. She had a horrible case of mange as well.

She suffered through a couple of years of conventional mange treatment before we gave up and started a homeopathic and nutritional protocol, which eventually got the disease under control. I always assumed that Mand would live out her life here, but as usual, I was wrong!

Fate stepped in, and Mandy bonded with one of my best friends. I never thought I could let this little girl go, but once I saw how they looked at each other, I knew that my friend could give Mandy a better home than I ever could. It was time to let her go.

Mandy, now with her new friends Shenandoah and Hopper, has the best life a dog could EVER hope for. Kathy and Deb, thank you so much for giving my little girl so much happiness. I love you ALL!



Kring was a big hit at the 2001 Charlottesville Vegetarian Festival Adopt-a-Thon, where he made lots of new friends and, best of all, his new mom! His dream of being an "only child" has come true! His mom is a UVA student, and Kringle is spending a lot of time helping her study.




Another sucess story from the Vegetarian Festival, George has found a wonderful new home with two great human parents and their kitties. This girl's sweet face won them over in a heartbeat, and she couldn't be happier that they picked her. Neither could we!






This is one spectacular kitty! Everyone who met her fell head over heels in love. Miss Mellow is now the proud owner of a whole new family as spectacular as she is - human, feline and canine. She moved in like she owned the place, and there is no doubt that she will forever be the queen of all she surveys! One very very lucky kitty.

October 2001 - Miss M left her loving family. Her death saddens all of us, and our sympathy goes out to Kathy and Ross.



After almost three years at snips, Sadie has finally found her perfect forever home! This beautiful girl needed the love and attention of her own humans, and she is so happily being spoiled by her new family. She lives not too far from snips, and we hope to be able to visit her often.



Coop was our first "official" snips dog, and what a way to start. This great big, gorgeous aussie caught everyone's eye, but found his human (and cat) soulmate right here in Greene.




Hannah is living as a beach bunny these days, keeping company with her new humans and a handsome fella named Stanley. Hannah's family sends great little updates on her progress. They know that this little girl really captured our hearts, and it was hard to let her go.

That's Hannie on the left, and Stan on the right.



Mia has found the perfect home with her human parents, two pretty little girls and a Jack Russell sister named Cricket. This pretty little shepherd's photo generated the most inquiries of any dog we've ever had here at snips, and we had lots of homes to choose from. We picked the best!



Jake was called Gibraltar when he was at snips, because he was such a huge mountain of a dog. He has the most striking markings, and his size is imposing to say the least. He is a "people dog," and wins over everyone who meets him.




Mosey moved in with a "lab man," and shares five acres on a lake with her sister, Vida, and brother, Ollie. She couldn't be happier, and is absolutely devoted to her human - as he is to her.

Miss Mosey went to the bridge in late 2001. She was very happy and much loved in those last few years of her life. Mose, you were a good girl. I'm sure Buck was there to greet you, and the two of you are soaking up the sunshine on the other side. See you there!

Mosey and Vida




This good looking guy was in and out of snips in the shortest time of any dog so far - less than 10 hours! We knew when his former owner called and described him that we had the perfect home ready and waiting, and we were right. He, Mosey and Vida, two chocolates and a yellow, make the perfect lab trio.




Griffin has a match made in heaven. He has several fenced acres to play on, a canine "cousin" living next door, but best of all, he has his new human companions all to himself. He comes back to snips to visit when his new human family travels, and it's always wonderful to spend time with him again. He is one of the most adoring, sweet natured dogs we've ever known.




Packer found a family who loves cocker spaniels. He's number three, and towers over his new brother, Harley, and sister, Freckles. His new family have their hands full with these three adorable and active little guys, and we really look forward to their entertaining emails about the dogs' latest antics.




We couldn't have dreamed of a more perfect home for this guy. A true gentleman, Potter is the most amazing dog! He's handsome, smart, easy going and funny, and his new mom and gorgeous sister, Phoenix, adore him. This email from his new mommy says it all: He loves it when I pet him and smooch on him a lot. It's hard not to do! He sleeps right next to my bed and will get up every once in a while to peer over the edge and give me a kiss if I'm within reach. He really is perfect.


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