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Keeping an unneutered or unspayed dog or cat is a tremendous responsibility.
Simplify your life by spaying and neutering!
No issues with unneutered males visiting
your property during "that time."
No unintended litters. Puppies are a lot of work!
No worries about taking your dog with you ~ spayed and neutered dogs are welcome in more places than
unspayed or unneutered dogs.
Neutered males tend to mark their territory less.
Spraying and leg lifting in the house is much less of a problem.

Be a Hero!
Spay/Neuter 1 Dog ~
Save 67,000 Lives

(in 6 years ~ 2 surviving per litter)

Spay/Neuter 1 Cat ~
Save 420,000 Lives

(in 7 years ~ 2 surviving per litter)

Euthanasia Death Toll
since Oct 27, 2001

provided by Pet-Abuse.Com

We have signed the
Declaration of the No Kill Movement!

Spay/Neuter Myths
More Benefits
Australia: Implant Takes Heat Out of Pooches' Passion
The Hidden Holocaust: The Animal Overpopulation Crisis

Putting the Onus on Pet Owners The Pet Surplus
by Susan Seidman ~ An interview with Joan Lowell Smith

Gooseberry Productions ~ PSA's for Spay/Neuter

Saving More Dogs and Cats than Ever Before…
After only a few months of launching an ambitious No Kill initiative, Washoe County (Reno) NV is
saving 92% of dogs and nearly 80% of cats. Read how No Kill is happening virtually overnight.

Nevada Humane Society Takes a Giant Leap for the Animals. Visit The No Kill Advocacy Center

Get informed: Read Building a No Kill Community.
Be thorough: Follow the step-by-step guide Reforming Animal Control.
Be successful: Use the proven model of the No Kill Equation.
Don’t settle: Demand endorsement of the U.S. No Kill Declaration.
Require accountability: Seek passage of the Companion Animal Protection Act.
From the No Kill Advocacy Center’s website in the “Resource Library” section.
P.O. Box 74926 San Clemente CA 92673

    3,000 to 5,000 puppies and kittens are born every hour in the United States alone. That far outnumbers the homes available for them. An estimated 14 million are euthanized in shelters each year. Add to that the countless millions who die along the roadside, starve to death in their humans' backyards, wind up as bait for illegal dogfighting rings, or are used in animal experimentation. Too many animals die needlessly in this country each and every day.

Spay/Neuter Your Animal Companion

Zinx Gluconate Neutralized by Arginine

July, 2003: Now there is another choice in additional to traditional surgical neutering for male puppies! This new drug, developed by the late Dr. Mostafa S. Fahim, Director of the Center of Reproductive Science and Technology, School of Medicine, University of Missouri-Columbia. The process of obtaining FDA approval began in 1991!

The procedure, used in male pups between the ages of 3 and 10 months, involves injecting the drug into each of the testicles using a very fine needle. The exact dose is calibrated using the the width of the testicles.

The surgery free method is quick, easy, and permanent, and should allow more guardians to have their boy pups altered.

Neutersol is 99.6% effective.

More information is available at www.neutersol.com.

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"Stamp Out" Companion Animal Overpopulation
    2002: 125 million U.S. commemorative stamps bearing the humane message "Neuter/Spay" and the adorable faces of two former shelter residents will go on sale nationwide this month (September 20th).

    The stamp will be available for purchase for a full year. Printed in the stamp margin will be a bilingual National Call to Spay/Neuter Action, and a toll-free phone number for community and national spay/neuter resources, as well as a URL for a searchable web site

    The Prevent A Litter Coalition started the "Stamp Out" project in 1996, spearheaded by project director, Hope Tarr.

"People who let their dogs and cats have litters in order to
show their children the "miracle of birth" should come witness
"the miracle of death" performed in the back rooms
of animal shelters all over the country."

~ Phyllis Wright, Director of Sheltering, Humane Society of the United States

One Less Reason Not to Neuter...
    Is part of the reason you're not having your male dog or cat neutered an issue of aesthetics? Think it's not very macho to have a big, NEUTERED dog following at your heels? (Believe it or not, this is the reason cited by many people.) Well, thanks to science and technology, that's no longer an excuse. There is a company in Kansas City producing a product called Neuticles®, and yes, neuticles are testiclular implants created exclusively for dogs and cats.

    Neuticles Petite are designed for a 1 to 3 pound dog, and cost $19.00 for one or $30 for a pair. Sizes range from petite clear up to a size appropriate for a 65 to 90+ lb male, a single of that size costs $23.50; the pair is $37.00.

    There are also Neuticles for your feline friends. And a Neuticles necklace for you. I know that's what I'll be asking for this Christmas!

    See them at www.Neuticles.com.

"No single segment of the public can be blamed for dog and cat overpopulation; overall responsibility is shared by many groups. The source of the problem includes accidental matings, purposeful breeding by those hoping to sell the offspring, and "personal" reasons like, 'I want my children to experience the miracle of birth,' and 'I feel it's unnatural to castrate my male.'" ~The Fund For Animals



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