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spay/neuter / tips / greyhounds / news / quotes /stories / books / links / happily ever afters / mission / get in touch / home


19 April 2002

Time sure flies. It's been five months since I moved here, and snips has been in limbo all this time. Changing gears from being focused on adoptions hasn't been easy, but I think that we're ready to begin the next phase of snips's evolution. It's time to shift some of the focus to other groups and individuals, both locally and across the country, showing the kinds of things that are being done to make the world a better place for our animal companions.

There are several events coming up right here in the Columbus area in the next few weeks, so we'll start out by highlighting what the local groups are doing. The time I've spent surfing the web these past few months has yielded links to lots of interesting sites - some serious and some just for fun, so they'll be added, too.

I've noticed an incredible increase in awareness of the responsibility we have for our animal companions, with some realizing that in many ways we are the students rather than the teachers. It's interesting to see that many people are looking at the skills and intuitions animals possess, and rather than taking them for granted or belittling them by attributing them to "brute nature," admitting that these abilities are just as valuable as those we claim as humans. We are beginning to understand their connection to that world beyond our own awareness, and we realize that much of what we search for in our daily lives is something that they already posess.

And, of course, since I still live with 11 dogs, 12 cats, two birds and now two HUMANS, I'll do a lot of reporting on the antics of my gang. With $1500 dental surgery stories, to broken blood feather emergency stories, to the challenges of moving 25 animals from rural Virginia to suburban Ohio stories, maybe there will be a couple of things that you find comforting or informative or entertaining. And for everyone who told me that I'd never find anybody as long as I had all these animals, well, I have a story for you, too.

Just ask Ripley. Her first words were "Oh boy!"


15 November 2001

We've Moved! The gang and I have pulled up stakes and moved. We're back in my home state of Ohio, and my "VA WOOFS" and kitties are going to have to adjust to being city dogs - and to having a new "dad" and "brother" and kitty sister! We're not sure exactly what direction snips is going to take here in Columbus; I plan to contact local groups to find out where I can help. Our greyhound placements, in cooperation with Greyhounds Adopting Families (, will continue, and there are still a few mixed breed snips dogs needing forever homes. Other than that, we'll just have to play it by ear.

There is so much about Virginia that I'll miss, but I gotta admit, this new life is pretty exciting...

7 October 2001

Last weekend's Vegetarian Festival & Adopt-a-Thon was a huge success for Charlottesville's Voices for Animals, and for several shelters ~ including snips! We placed three dogs and have a greyhound home all lined up thanks to the wonderful people we met at the Festival! This is an amazing event. The people from Voices for Animals make it better every year, and it should be on EVERYONE'S "must do" list.

Thanks to volunteers Kathy Ladika, Jo Ann Olsen, Frank Delk, Judy Levine, Gary Lisle and Trigger Lisle-Levine. snips wouldn't be snips without you!

AND......... snips has a new greyhound spokesdog! She made her debut at this year's Veg Fest and she had a greyt time! Her name is Tansy, and she is a pretty six year old brindle who is my Zack's twin. Tans was a very good racer, and she has a litter of greypups just making their way to the track. We will be following their progress as they begin their careers. My thanks to my bestest greyfriends Sandy and Geary Burns of Country Roads Kennels and Greyhounds Adopting Families for allowing Tansy to come live at snips!

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