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   The Reiki Story begins in the mid-1800's, when Mikao Usui began his quest to understand the Jesus's ability to do hands-on healing. The information was not available through conventional Christian wisdom, and Usui found that the practices were to be understood through the pursuit of Buddhism and The Path to Enlightenment.

  It is believed that Jesus was not only a reincarnated Bodhisattva, or Buddhist master, but that the thirty lost years of his life were spent in Egypt and India, where he studied Buddhism. This is the theory of how he learned these healing methods.

   Usui's study and meditation led him to a Zen Buddhist monastery in Japan, where he found the texts describing the healing formula, which he studied in their original Sanskrit. Missing from the texts was information on how to activate the energy. It was not until Usui passed a spiritual test of a three week period of meditation, fasting and prayer on Mt. Koriyama that this information was revealed to him in the form of a vision, a psychic rediscovery of an ancient healing method.

   Usui named the healing energy "Reiki," which means "Universal Life Force Energy."

  In Buddhist doctrine, healing means more than merely mending the body. Healing the body may only be accomplished once the mind, emotions and spirit have been healed as well. In keeping with both Buddhist teachings and holistic medicine, Reiki honors the entire individual, and does not attempt to view dis-ease as merely an assortment of physical symptoms.

  Reiki: Hands on Healing

  We all know the power of touch. Reiki is an enhancement of that power, a natural channeling of healing energy passed through the practitioner to the recipient. As in all holistic healing methods, Reiki addresses energy issues manifesting physical or emotional symptoms, going directly to the cause of the issue - and, again, as in all holistic treatments, works with the body to enhance the body's own innate ability to heal itself. Reiki balances mind, body and spirit. A full Reiki treatment affects all the major organs and the cerebrospinal system, and balances the chakras to the extent that the individual is able to tolerate. There is no way to do Reiki incorrectly. The energy has a wisdom of its own.

Reiki is a wonderful tool for self healing.

    Animals seem to be particularly receptive to Reiki treatments. I've had great success in many situations with my own animals, and have been amazed at how powerful Reiki can be. A full treatment consists of a series of approximately twenty hand placements, but a short session concentrating on one particular area is also very effective. A few of the things I've used it for include post surgical pain, muscle soreness, wounds, allergies, emotional issues, upset tummies, and especially for enhancing the bond I have with my animal companions. Reiki is a great addition to a massage treatment or grooming, and it's "automatic." Whenever my hands are on a body, the energy flows --whether or not I'm concentrating on what's happening.

    Reiki utilizes the practitioner's intuition and the information passed through spirit guides (or discarnate healers) to facilitate healing.

Reiki can even be effective on plants and engines!

    To become a Reiki practitioner, you must receive an attunement from a Reiki master. This opens up energy channels and allows the energy to pass through you more effectively. There are three levels of Reiki: Level I allows you to do hands-on sessions; Level II is for distance healing, and in this attunement the Reiki symbols Cho-Ku-Rei (cho-ku-ray: to increase power), Hon-Sha-Ze-Sho-Nen (hón-sha-zá-sho-nén: for absent healing) and Sei-He-Ki (say-hay-key: for emotional healing) are given to the student. Level III is the Reiki Master, whose advanced skills allow teaching and passing attunements.

     Reiki is a safe, gentle, noninvasive way to improve your animal companion's quality of life. To find out more, I recommend Dianne Stein's book, Essential Reiki, a Complete Guide to an Ancient Healing Art.





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