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What Does a Holistic Lifestyle Include?
Do you want to make sure that you're providing pawsitively the safest, most healthy lifestyle for your animal companion? Here are some tips that can help you take the best possible care of your four legged friend.

* Feed organic, human grade dog and cat food & treats supplemented with whole, raw foods, dietary enzymes, vitamins and minerals as appropriate for the animal's needs
* Use stainless steel and porcelain food and water bowls (use porcelain if adding Apple Cider Vinegar to the water ) - no plastic bowls
* Do not vaccinate (except rabies - as required by law)
* Provide regular dental care
* Provide plenty of clean, filtered water
* Use an air purifier in areas where the animals spend most of their time
* Limit exposure to electromagnetic fields
* Practice regular grooming (brushing, bathing, cleaning ears, brushing teeth, clipping nails/claws, etc.)
* Use natural flea and tick treatments. No flea shampoos - only organic natural baths
* Allow supervised access to outdoors & age and condition appropriate, regular exercise and plenty of rest
* Make each and every animal part of your family - no animals should be left outdoors without access to your home
Provide plenty of interaction with other animals - it's almost always preferable to have at least two animals sharing your home
* Teach your companion good manners using only positive training methods
* Make sure that each animal wears current ID and safe, strangle-proof collars
* Use only natural cleansers around the home, garage, etc.
* Use only organic, natural lawn and plant fertilizers and pesti/herbicides
* Practice good general hygiene - clean bowls, litterboxes, regular poop scooping
* Travel should be in carriers or wearing specially designed seat belts - not loose in the car and NEVER loose in the back of a pickup!

* Use natural health (Homeopathy, massage, Reiki, acupressure, herbs, etc.) as the first treatment for health and behavioral issues
* Use only natural wormers for intestinal and heartworm prevention
* Be aware of changes in temperament, eating habits, body size/shape (and/or regular checkups)
* Learn to do massage, Reiki, etc., and have "hands on" time with each animal every day
* Limit "noise." If leaving the TV or radio on during the day, consider all the different programs your animal will be exposed to. Do you really want him to suffer through Jerry Springer? Play Mozart instead. It's great for rebalancing chakras!
* Provide safe toys. No rawhide, pigs' ears, etc.
* Offer plenty of choices in natural scratching posts
* Use only a healthy, natural litter (Feline Pine is excellent!) No clumping litter.
* Provide lots of "pawsitive" interaction
* Keep up to date with advances in natural health care. Take responsibility for your animal' s health.

And, Very Importantly
Provide a Healthy Emotional Environment!


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